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When I look back at my history of interests, leadership pursuits and community involvement, the common thread among them is my love for animals. Whether it was my participation in a salmon enhancement program at my elementary school, my work as an ambassador with a Canadian non-profit to get kids interested in nature during my middle school years or the time I have spent at an environmental education centre as a high school student, all my endeavours have had a focus on biology and living creatures.


Over the years, myself and my family have immersed ourselves in activities and volunteerism that has revolved around the concern and care of a myriad of animals. It seems that for every critter out there, there is an agency dedicated to that animal’s needs. I’ve learned that so many of these organizations, usually non-profit and grassroots in origin, depend on volunteers not just in terms of people power, but for donations of supplies and funding as well.


As a volunteer since a very young age, I have witnessed first-hand the generosity of countless individuals who have contributed to a variety of charities in a multitude of ways. It is that generosity that has inspired me to launch Wishful Thinking, so that the giving can continue and the welfare of animals can be furthered for years to come. 


- Griffin Andersen


A Message From The Founder
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