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Mossom Creek Hatchery

As a long-time volunteer at the Mossom Creek salmon hatchery in Port Moody, I am very familiar with the amazing work this non-profit does in rearing salmon to the release stage and providing an environmental education program to schools and individuals regarding the local ecosystems and the need for conservation and salmon enhancement.


When I began my work at this decades-old neighbourhood institution in the woods at the age of seven, it was a favourite Sunday morning volunteering opportunity for myself and my family. When the hatchery experienced a fire in 2013 that left nothing more than an ash footprint in the forest, I pursued a project to contribute to the fundraising efforts being made by so many community members, to replace a structure that meant so much to so many.


It was my first experience at pursuing a project independently for the sole purpose of raising awareness and funds. By making a film presentation on the work of the hatchery to 800 of my school peers and soliciting the help of a local business that was willing to contribute part of its sale proceeds to the project, I was able to raise several hundred dollars for the cause in a few short weeks. I continue to volunteer at the hatchery, in a brand new building that exists because of the generosity of a host of businesses, organizations and individuals.


The hatchery’s biggest need at the moment, is for more volunteers both student and adult-aged. You can peruse its website at to find out more. 


The hatchery is always looking for more volunteers, of all ages. If you would like to visit the hatchery to find out more, check out their website for their location and how you can get involved. It's open every Sunday, rain or shine, from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. 

  • garden hoses

  • hose reels

  • screwdrivers (all types)

  • pliers

  • vice grip

  • hammers

  • measuring tape

  • hand saws

  • metal saws

  • planers

  • combination square

  • 7” square

  • clamps

  • chisel set

  • small pry bar

  • drill bits of all types

  • woodworking hand tools in general

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