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Coquitlam Animal Shelter Pet Food Bank

One of the goals of Wishful Thinking is to provide some of the essentials to pet owners who may not be able to acquire those items through any other means. Offering support in the form of supplies and food can allow marginalized individuals and at-risk families to keep their animals. In some of our communities, the need may be less obvious but the reality is that pet food banks are not as widespread as human food banks.


Last year, I was a volunteer with an initiative a friend started, to serve warm meals to some of Vancouver’s homeless population. During my time on some of the most under-resourced streets of the downtown eastside of the city, I couldn’t help but notice the number of adults and youth in these neighbourhoods who were living on the streets with their animal companions. Our volunteer team always gravitated to these animals while delivering food to their owners, but we had nothing to offer these pets in terms of food or supplies.


It was obvious that these people’s pets meant the world to them. They provided comfort, companionship and a special kind of compassion that only a pet owner can appreciate.  Pets offer a kind of support that can make a significant contribution to the health and wellness of their owners. It’s easy to see why those living under marginalized conditions would be loath to give up their animals. In fact, it’s not uncommon for someone with little means to feed their pet before feeding themselves.


Pet food banks are becoming an integral part of the safety nets that exist for those individuals who struggle with bills and getting enough to eat. They are a natural extension of human food banks, soup kitchens and shelters that offer some respite from a difficult or challenging existence. By helping pets, we are helping the people who have offered a home to an animal, even if that home is not the conventional four walls and a roof that we usually associate with a home.


Collection bins are available for our winter wish list campaign at a number of locations. Should you require help with getting your donations to a designated pick-up site we will be happy to arrange to have your donations picked up and delivered.

  • pet food – dog, cat and small pet (dry and wet)      

  • cat and dog treats

  • cat litter/litter boxes

  • first aid items

  • toys – dog, cat and small pet

  • collars, harnesses and leashes

  • dog coats

  • pet beds

  • pet carriers/crates

The Wish List

Newport Village Animal Hospital

Healing Paws Veterinary Care

Coquitlam Animal Hospital

Lincoln Animal Hospital

Maillardville Animal Hospital

Oxford Animal Hospital

Meadow Brook Cat Clinic

Burquitlam Animal Hospital

Collection sites include:

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